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Capturing the experience of some prodigious hands, every day we are dedicated to make the best leather crafts, having as main objective produce the best mounts and other items related to the fascinating world of horses. Large and kind effort, focused on providing a satisfactory service to our major cientes.

The vision

Talabarteria Tienda JJ will be recognized regionally in the leather industry thanks to the quality demonstrated in the materials and design of our products, thereby going beyond our borders every day and conquer new markets always offer the best crafts leather


Gathering the important experience of two buoyant workers, was born in the year of 1994 the Talabarteria JJ in the town of Armenia (Quindío), in its infancy in the art of leather, after expiry of the time was growing up produce excellent quality and competitiveness to meet the needs of our valued customers. Currently, we have employees who every day are engaged to do their best to make our mounts, a product recognized regionally, nationally and now internationally.

Thanks to this effort, we have participated in fairs equine important as those of Tulúa, World Fair horses, Fair National Bogota Fair in Tampa Florida and fairs agrocomerciales as Agroexpo Bogota.

Starting in the international market, we have entered into countries of the United States, Puerto Rico and Ecuador, with which we have an important trading relationship and there have been widespread acceptance of our products.

Bearing in mind that one of our main objectives is to optimize the quality of our frames, in its production process we use the best raw materials and skilled labor as a procedure to do so.

With admirable dedication to work beyond our borders, and achieve recognition for those of you who are we this whole effort.



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